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Foredrag med Andy Kirk: Data Visualisation – State of the Art 2019

Tilbake til hovedsiden: Fagdag

In this talk, Andy Kirk will chart the course for data visualisation: where are we now and where are we heading? Weaving together theoretical, creative and practical perspectives, Andy will be looking closely at some of the discernible trends and emerging themes that characterise the field today and extrapolate this forward to consider what’s around the corner. What are the key opportunities facing designers? How do we exploit the next generation of technological developments? What techniques and practices are being employed to maximise access to and trust in visualisations? How can we mobilise improvements in literacy, both for creation and consumption, across society?



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Andy Kirk is a UK-based data visualisation specialist: A visualisation architect, design consultant, training provider, lecturer, author, speaker, researcher, and editor of the award-winning website, Since becoming a freelance professional 2011, Andy has delivered over 260 public and private training events across 25 countries. Recent clients include Spotify, Telefónica, Google, EU Council, and CERN. He is the author of three books, with the most recent published in June 2019 by Sage and titled ‘Visualising Data: A Handbook for Data Driven Design (Second Edition)’. He also provides data visualisation services to the Arsenal F.C. performance team.