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Concluding seminar with dataviz expert Andy Kirk

The British dataviz expert Andy Kirk was keynote speaker at the INDVIL concluding seminar at Litteraturhuset in Oslo on November 14th.

After near four years of research, INDVIL invited stakeholders, scholars and the interested public to a concluding seminar - a "Fagdag" - at Litteraturhuset in Oslo on November 14th. It was a complex event, with 18 presenters, four parallel sessions and an exhibition with eight exhibitors, spread over three floors in the building. In addition to the nine members of the INDVIL team, eight experts from the practice field contributed with presentations in the parallel sessions, and the soon coming INDVIL book, Data Visualization in Society, was presented in the main hall in front of about 150 designers, journalists, teachers and scholars.

The exhibition hall was lively during all breaks in the seminar program.
Helen Kennedy made the audience take an active role in the presentation of the soon coming INDVIL-book, Data Visualization in Society.
Statistician and blogger Kathrine Frey Frøslie showed in the exhibition that dataviz can be knitted!

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